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An App designed to get a feedback from your patient in a smart and a secure way, in the language of their choice using a QR code.

What is eFeedback?
Anant Enterprises brings to you a QR Code based web driven E-Feedback App. E-Feedback is a QR Code based system, which is easily customizable, secure and a hassle-free app. The eFeedback helps you to get the feedback of the patient at the point of the problem. All you have to do is to put a QR code sticker at various points in your hospital to get a feedback from the patient. A simple and paperless way of getting feedback in a digital form with a phone with internet. The unique part of the process is that the questionnaire can be customized in the regional language of your choice.
A simple to use app, just register on this page, select from a standard questionnaire & customize it as per your requirements. Display QR code at prominent places in your hospital, ask the patient to scan the code and give a feedback.

Why eFeedback?
Predesigned medicolegally sound questionnaire
A standard questionnaire provided covers a wide spectrum of services provided at your hospital which includes doctors and support staff.
Easily Customizable
Easily customizable questionnaire, as per your requirement. You can customize the questions about your Doctor, service or hospital environment.
Regional Language
The standard questionnaire is provided in the regional language of the location of your hospital / clinic.
Safe & Secure
We provide a high level of internet security. Your data stays safe. We do not store the feedback or the patient information. We send the feedback directly to you and patient the question
Cost Effective
Go paperless. Skip the hassles of maintaining the printed records.
Direct Digital Output
You get a pdf format of the feedback directly in your email account